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Aviva Insurance Limited - Aviva launch their Insurance Broker Community Fund 2014 video

Phil Bayles, Aviva SME & Broker Distribution Director and Rugby World Cup Winner Will Greenwood, Aviva's Community Fund Ambassador, talk about the launch of Aviva's 2014 Insurance Broker Community Fund

Allianz Insurance plc - Allianz launches scholarship programme for personal lines insurance brokers video

Allianz Retail General Manager Neil Brettell talks about the three reasons why Allianz set up their insurance broker scholarship programme. For more informaiton and to apply visit Allianz Scholarship Applications. The close date is 21st May 2014


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Allianz Launches Scholarship Programme for Personal Lines Brokers

Neil Brettell, General Manager, Allianz Retail
Allianz set up the scholarship programme for 3 reasons, firstly to increase the level of professional qualifications ion the industry, secondly to demonstrate our commitment to that by working with our partners, and thirdly to make sure that our broker partners are giving a fantastic product and service to our customers, and Allianz has lots of knowledge and experience that we want to share.

Stevie Ridgley, Account Executive, Firth and Scott (Current Scholar)
Insurance is no different to any other profession, if you;ve got the option between going to a qualified and an unqualified professional, you are obviously going to go with the qualified professional, so that is somewhere where I think insurance is behind the times against other industries, other professional industries.

Neil Brettell, General Manager, Allianz Retail
Professionalism is extremely important because it is this that helps Allianz and the broker ensure that the customer is getting the best quality product, service and advice. And we have to remember that the customer buys from people and if the people are professionally qualified and have knowledge, and experience, and expertise then this creates trust for the customer and this benefits all parties.

The programme helps the scholars because it allows them to work in tuition groups of around 10 or less. This creates the opportunity for their tutors to share their first-hand knowledge and experience with them. It also gives them a fantastic opportunity to network with many of their other industry colleagues and peers.

Stevie Ridgley, Account Executive, Firth and Scott (Current Scholar)
The groups fantastic, it’s a really dynamic bunch, we’ve come from different backgrounds, different sizes of brokerages. We support each other, we’re in contact on LinkedIn and on emails, contacting each other about the stresses of the exams and continuous assessment. It’s nice to have that support and to have met a group of people who are like minded and want to further themselves professionally and have a real interest in the industry.

Neil Brettell, General Manager, Allianz Retail
We obviously expect the scholars are going to have to work pretty hard and show a lot of commitment but most importantly I think, is the support that we need from the broker themselves, whether that be time, flexibility or sharing their own knowledge and experience with the scholar.

Stevie Ridgley, Account Executive, Firth and Scott (Current Scholar)
My employer has been incredibly supportive and I know they are all very proud that I was accepted onto the Allianz Scholarship Programme, it’s a fantastic accolade for us as a company and I’m becoming a bigger asset to them because of that, because of my knowledge increasing.

Neil Brettell, General Manager, Allianz Retail
The Alilanz Scholarship programme is a fantastic opportunity for brokers to look to develop themselves both individually and as a business, and to do this with a partner who has a proven track record in expertise and professionalism in the insurance industry.


To apply, visit Applications close on 21st May 2014


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