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Catlin Group Limited

Catlin Group Limited

20 Gracechurch Street,
+44 (0)207 626 0486
+44 (0)207 623 9101

Catlin Group Limited is a global specialty property / casualty insurer and reinsurer, operating in six underwriting hubs in London/UK, Bermuda, the United States, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Canada. Catlin Group's network of offices offers insurance brokers and their clients access to local underwriting expertise wherever they are in the world. Catlin underwrites more than 30 classes of commercial insurance coverage for clients. Catlin helps them to realise their business ambitions by offering sophisticated solutions to risk management problems.

Catlin Group Limited believes in underwriting ambition, and everything Catlin does is grounded in our vision and values. Catlin continues to be ambitious in our own pursuit of underwriting excellence and aims to provide the best possible service in underwriting and insurance claims.

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Catlin UK Vacancies

Catlin - Graduate Development Programme Video
Seaview Survey - Corporate Responsibility in action video

Catlin is committed to protecting the environment for future generations. Their sponsorship of the Seaview Survey is helping scientists to obtain the impartial data they need to make more reliable conclusions about the impact of Climate Change

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Catlin is committed to supporting the scientific study of environmental change, change that may affect its business.

For three years starting in 2009, Catlin sponsored the Catlin Artic Survey, an investigation into how climate change is affecting the Artic’s marine environment and the broader consequences this has for the rest of the world.

Having taken on the harsh sub-zero temperatures of the Artic, the Catlin Seaview Survey will focus on the changes taking place of the world’s coral reef.

What is the Catlin Seaview Survey?

Coral reefs are important indicators of the health of our oceans, but they also act as a source of food, livelihood and shoreline protection for hundreds of millions of people and businesses around the world.

If the health of coral reefs deteriorates, the impact could be far reaching.

The Catlin Seaview Survey will use a pioneering camera system to capture over 50,000 digital images of the shallow reef at 20 different sites.  When stitched together, these images will create 360 degree panoramas, providing the first digital record and assessment of the reef’s system.

To understand better the importance of the deep reefs’ encountering the impacts of client change,  underwater robots will collect data and explore down to 100 metres from the surface, far beyond the depths accessible by divers.

Scientists believe this unique visual record will create a step change in monitoring and management of coral reef habitants around the world.

Why is Catlin sponsoring the survey?

Understanding, evaluating and helping our clients to minimise risk is the important part of our business.  So assessing the impact of client change on reef systems is a natural extension of what we do.

The Catlin Seaview Survey also offers clients, employees and the general public the opportunity to engage with its research.  Working in partnership with Google, anyone will be able to participate in the survey by undertaking a virtual dive to explore the magnificent coral landscape for themselves.

And as the continuation of the Catlin’s ocean themed education programme, the coral ocean’s educational resources will highlight the import role that coral reefs play in providing livelihoods and protecting our coastline.

Catlin’s Seaview Survey is a new challenging scientific investigation and Catlin is excited to share every step of the journey ahead.


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The thoughts and opinions shared in this video transcript are provided for information purposes only and do not represent the views and opinions of You Talk Insurance Limited.  Professional advice should always be sought before making any decision.


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